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Property Management Services

Willow Estates charge a fixed management fee. We do not charge the landlord additional fees for services that should be included in day-to-day management.

The following are all included in our management fee;
  • Initial viewing and rental appraisal.
  • To Let boards, listings and mailings.
  • General newspaper advertising, if it is included in our daily lineage advert.
  • Accompanied viewings.
  • Tenant find & appraisal.
  • A photographic inventory.
  • Standard Assured Shorthold tenancy agreement.
  • Standard Guarantor agreement.
  • Credit checks on tenants.
  • It is up to the tenants to prove they are creditworthy!
  • The cost of placing the tenant’s deposit in a Government approved scheme.
  • Rent collecting and statements.
  • Periodic inspections of the property. (six monthly)
  • Inspection reports.
  • Chasing outstanding rents.
  • Annual tax statement.
  • Arranging general maintenance.
  • Annual assessment of rent.
  • Serving rent increase notices.
  • Serving repossession notices for rent arrears.
  • Serving notices to end a tenancy.
  • Handling of day to day landlord queries.
  • Handling of day to day tenant queries.
  • Checking the property at the end of the tenancy.
  • Negotiating deposit issues, where required.
  • Submitting case details to mydeposits.co.uk if a deposit goes to arbitration.

Willow Estates fee structure is not balanced so that we make more money if a tenancy fails. The incentive is for Willow Estates to ensure a successful tenancy.

Too many agencies are set up with excessive & hidden additional fees. Our fees are all here, nothing is hidden. remember…

  • There is NO “Take-On” fee.
  • There is NO “check-in fee” every time the property is let.
  • There is NO “letting fee” every time the property is let.
  • There is NO charge for “renewal of tenancy agreement” every six months.
  • There is NO “uplift” or fee for arranging repairs & maintenance.
  • There is NO “check-out fee” every time a tenant moves out.

Landlords will still have to pay for;

  • Any additional advertising in the newspaper if you want it.
  • Non-standard tenancy agreements (negotiated clauses etc).
  • Repairs and maintenance at cost.
  • An Energy Performance Certificate. (see note 1)
  • Electrical Safety Checks. (see note 2)
  • Gas Safety checks & certificate every year. (see note 3)
  • Insurance. (inc Buildings, Contents, Liability etc)
  • Legal costs. (including possession)
  • Their mortgage/finance!